Creating a BRAND: What is BRANDING and how does it help my Business or Organization

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Creating a BRAND, Delivering a PROMISE

Every successful business/organization is built on the foundation of a solid brand. Your brand is defined by how your customers perceive you and their overall experience. Your brand is not what YOU say it is, but rather how people feel about doing business with you and the people who are apart of your organization.

Why should you care about your brand? There are too many competitive options with similar qualities and resources. Building a strong brand builds trust with your customer, and as we know- we tend to go with who we trust. It’s about connecting with individuals emotionally and developing long lasting relationships. I’ve been through many transitions in my career from, Promotions, Public Relations, Marketing, but I never understood the impact and even more so, the VALUE of being my own BRAND….until now.


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Brand identity are visual elements that collectively communicate who you (organization) are, and what you (Organization) stand for:  Logo, website, marketing materials, signage, packaging, graphics, social media & content marketing.  A brand will stand out and be remembered if presented in a manner that is clear, credible, and appealing to the public eye. These are elements you want to invest in because once again, they represent who you are. (And when I say “you” that could mean your business, organization, event, product, etc.).

WEBSITE: A website serves as the hub for your organization’s, marketing, branding and communications. Your website has the power to help tell your distinctive story to the world, while showcasing the advantages of your program.. For instance, you can use testimonials, videos, images, press links and a narrative that is both compelling and transparent. Use your website to cross-promote other resources that you offer, such as upcoming events, try-outs, schedule, online spirit store, etc. Be sure to also implement your social media handles on your website that directly link back to your social sites.The key to this marketing tool is CONSISTENCY- KEEP YOUR WEBSITE UPDATED. If the information on your site remains static, unchanging and irrelevant, your potential and existing supporters will get the impression that your organization is not worth their time or funds. Create a platform that sponsors and others want to align with.


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LOGO, MARKETING MATERIALS, GRAPHICS: Invest in your logo, website, graphics, and marketing materials. I encourage you to hire a skilled graphic designer to put these things together for you. Don’t be cheap and try to create them yourself! Remember, this is your “Brand Identity” that reflects and represents your organization. If you want sponsors, donors, etc. to invest in your program, you need to invest in it first.



Developing a strong, credible brand drives TRUST and inspires LOYALTY- and this is the foundation of a successful organization. In my next blog, we’ll dive into Marketing Tools and Strategies and how they help your program.  Without a defined Brand, you’re spinning your wheels with Marketing.



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