Premiere: Uber Ride With Erin!

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Media Maven and Content Strategist Erin A Simon has officially premiered “Uber Ride With Erin” a fun video concept interview taking place inside of the popular ride sharing platform.

Erin has gained quite the popularity in the media world recently breaking the “AmeriLeague Scandal” and much more, and is covering anything and everything. Simon, who contributes to many publications including her own at has been apart of the media world for quite some time, and was looking to switch things up a bit. She got with her team, and came up with the concept of an Uber ride interview to a creative destination by the choice of interviewee.

Lifestyle blogger Dree Kylie of was the first to take an uber ride with Erin where they took to the streets of New York City to brunch, talk boys, work, and much more!

Erin’s upcoming episode of “Uber Ride With Erin” will feature an up and coming music artist, so stay tuned!

To book an “Uber Ride With Erin” and to view Simon’s first with Dree Kylie, please go to

For bookings, appearances, and media for Erin A Simon contact the Nina Zavala Group at!

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