Little Women LA Star Brittney Guzman Recap

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Little Women LA star Brittney Guzman came into this season as a newcomer to the show, but showed no signs of uncomfortability in that role.

Guzman aka “Freakabritt” has had a long career in the entertainment industry ranging from acting to even dancing on tour with Miley Cyrus, so coming onto the show wasn’t as hard as it might have been for others to adjust to.

Guzman has explained in previous interviews that she did have relationships with members of the cast prior to being on the show, and it just seemed like a perfect situation.

Fans quickly took a liking to Brittney and became known for her great energy, style, and of course fued with Terra.

Brittney explains that she is in a different place in her life than a lot of the castmembers and just wanted a chance for her fans to get to know her.

Guzman recently starred in rapper Tyga’s latest music video with Kylie Jenner, and has a lot of upcoming projects. To book Brittney for appearances contact Nina Zavala Group at 405-638-8461.

Keep up with Brittney on social media @freakabritt for all handles!

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