Buddy The Ball Fun Days in Vegas!

October 24th Come Out to Bally’s Las Vegas for a Buddy Fun Day
Bally's Flyer (3)

LAS VEGASOct. 13, 2015 — Buddy The Ball is back in Vegas and is setting up for his residency of fun days! Every month Buddy will be hosting a Buddy Fun Day for children to learn to be healthy through the sport of tennis!

Buddy Fun Days will include games and activities, food, music, and fun! Professional tennis player Brandon Christopher provides a fun filled day of entertainment for kids of all ages!

Join us at Bally’s Las Vegas October 24th 1 pm to 3 pm!

To host a Buddy Fun Day or for sponsorship opportunities; please contact Nina Zavala Group at alexis@ninazavalagroup.com

About Buddy The Ball:

Buddy The Ball is the genius of professional tennis player Brandon Christopher, who was inspired by a young girl in the tennis community. Upon speaking with her at a tournament, he created this awesome character, Buddy! Buddy is here to inspire, educate, and activate the progression of the youth in sports, specifically tennis. Aside from teaching kids how to play tennis, Buddy is to be a role model showing that tennis can be rewarding!



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