The event is only a few days away and it is an event that is fun and a learning experience. Buddy teaches you about not only learning how to play tennis, but children staying active.

Author, professional tennis player, and speaker, Brandon Christopher, will be in Santa Monica on September 25th to share his illustrated children’s books, The Adventures of Buddy the Ball, as well as lessons from the tennis tour about goal setting, eating healthy, and competitive fire.

“Let’s get motivated about reading, getting organized and getting active,” said Mr. Christopher, who also goes by the pen name Brando Christo. “How we choose to spend our time is a powerful tool.”

“It’s just a very fun and dynamic way to get kids excited about the game of tennis,” said Hank Lloyd, the Costa Mesa Pro Classic tournament director. “The future of the game is in kids, and the USTA is aware of that, and this is a novel way to help spike their interest even more.”

The event is $29 per person and $20 per sibling. Children must bring tennis shoes and attire. It’s helpful if they can bring their own racket, but not necessary.

The event will be on September 25th  at Reed Park in Santa Monica from 4-5:30 PM. To RSVP, call 808-264-7735.


About Buddy The Ball:

Buddy The Ball is the genius of professional tennis player Brandon Christopher, who was inspired by a young girl in the tennis community. Upon speaking with her at a tournament, he created this awesome character, Buddy! Buddy is here to inspire, educate, and activate the progression of the youth in sports, specifically tennis. Aside from teaching kids how to play tennis, Buddy is to be a role model showing that tennis can be rewarding!


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