Dallas, Texas: Dallas local Marissa Stewart has signed on to the Nina Zavala Group to help grow her real estate clientele and her brand! Marissa Stewart brings many years of experience and has had success all over Texas. Dallas has some of the most luxurious properties in the country, and Marissa would like to show you! This all female real estate team consists of great experience and knowledge to help accommodate all of your needs in all of the Dallas/Fort Worth area!

About Marissa

Marissa is originally from the Waco area of Texas where her family had major success in the real estate industry. She took the knowledge she learned from family members and expanded it to the DFW market and more. She has an extensive amount of experience that allows her to meet the needs of all her clients. Relatively new to the Dallas real estate market, Marissa and team have had great success in the past year and continue to grow.

About Nina Zavala Group

Nina Zavala Group is a full service company specializing in public relations, brand development and marketing. We provide comprehensive and strategic media management services.  Whether your industry is in sports, entertainment, media, and business ownership, or speaking, our team has the tools to grow your business and build your name in a positive public image.

Published by Nina Z

Nina Zavala Group is a full service media and marketing company specializing in the field of sports.

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